Browsin’ blues

The browsers are buggin’ me. I know I’ve complained about Firefox before, and there’s also been a bit of a complaint about it over at The Feesl’s, but I have to bring it up again.

I switched to Opera a couple of months ago after getting fed up with how bloated and slow Firefox had become. I was also impressed by the fact that Opera9 passes the Acid2 test, something that Firefox still doesn’t get right (it’s far better than IE but still, with all the Firefox high-and-mighty standards-compliant self-fellating that goes on you’d think they’d actually, y’know, be compliant).

Anyway, Opera’s great. It’s fast, lightweight, and has some decent features of it’s own. I slightly prefer some of the behaviors I had with Firefox (through extensions) that I can’t get Opera to do, like automatically opening new tabs from the address bar, but it’s not a big enough deal to drive me back to Firefox.

Google, on the other hand, might be.

I’m specifically talking about Gmail and Google Reader, two JavaScript-heavy applications that don’t appear to be well supported for Opera. I honestly don’t know if it’s a problem with Opera’s JavaScript engine or with Google’s code being optimized for IE and FF and taking their JavaScript bugs into account, but the problem is there. With either of the Google apps, Opera slows down and sometimes stops responding to clicks anywhere on the page (although it’s written well enough that it’s never crashed or completely locked up on me).

Frankly, I suspect that the problem is with Google, mostly because everything else about Opera screams quality coding, from its speed and low resource usage, to its stability and thoughtful UI design.

Right now, I’m feeling towards Google and Firefox what I used to feel towards IE and IE-only websites. I want to use Opera, because it’s clearly the best one out there right now. However, I’m stuck because Google also has the best apps (Gmail in particular) and that’s the one I’m less willing to give up. For the time being, I’m giving Firefox another shot, but I’m still going to log into Gmail and Google Reader with Opera on a daily basis, just to do my part in keeping the Opera usage stats up so that Google will hopefully fix whatever’s wrong.

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