My name is Erik Granse, a software developer by trade, a curmudgeon by temperament, and a realist by nature. Although that package sounds like it could add up to a real mess, I’m a generally happy guy. Very often irritated, yes, but generally happy.

I’m commonly aliased on the Interwebs as Ickster. Listed below are a few of the other places you might find me, although as far as web content is concerned I tend to consume more than I produce so you probably won’t find many of my profiles particularly compelling.

This site originally was just a a bit of tinkering in getting a WAMP stack running on my PC at home, which was successful for a few years, but eventually I moved the content off to a hosted site, and here it is.

As mentioned above, content can be a bit sparse. I try to write the occasional essay when something gets my dander up; otherwise you’ll find the usual banal comments about things going on in my life, although I try to keep those limited to reasonably significant or otherwise interesting topics. This is not supposed to be an online journal.

As for the site name, there’s nothing really special about it. Back when I registered the domain, I was trying to come up with something clever, descriptive, and uniquely personal. Failing that, I asked my wife for suggestions, misheard what she said, and replied, “Loonmagnet? That sounds good.”

It was random, so it may not be clever, but judging by the friends I keep, it’s descriptive and uniquely personal. So. Enjoy . . .

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